Be Steady, Move Forward

I recently had a conversation with one of my favourite millenials who also happens to be my cousin (you know who you are). He’s clever, talented, well-mannered, good-hearted and attractive - so he has everything going for him at 24. But he is also not shallow, not without foresight and he’s one of those people … Continue reading Be Steady, Move Forward


Old farts

Second assignment. By the way, with the stuff that have been happening and projects I have started in 2017, I've decided to write a lot more about everything that makes me come alive and how I am unceasingly grateful for the ride. These days when I pray, I sometimes stumble over the number of wishes … Continue reading Old farts

Have it all

If you are juggling having a career or running a business, being a wife and also mommying without completely looking like a train wreck in heels, then people look at you with this sort of amusement, awe and sometimes scorn, probably similar to how they would regard the revelation of Tinkerbell’s vajayjay – filled with magic, inspiration … Continue reading Have it all